Letter to editor (Published On: 10-Oct-2022)

Veterinary practices at abattoirs interesting to animal anatomy scholars

Parés-Casanova PM and Mwaanga E.S.

J. Vet. Res. Adv., 04 (02):24-25

Parés-Casanova PM: University of Lleida, Spain

Mwaanga E.S.: University of Zambia, Lusaka-Zambia

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Article History: Received on: 25-May-22, Accepted on: 06-Oct-22, Published on: 10-Oct-22

Corresponding Author: Parés-Casanova PM


Citation: Parés-Casanova PM and Mwaanga ES (2022). Veterinary practices at abattoirs interesting to animal anatomy scholars. J. Vet. Res. Adv., 04 (02):24-25


Veterinary curriculum includes alimentary hygiene and meat inspection modules, which cover on-farm and in-transit animal health, restaurant hygiene, water quality, sewage treatment. Normally, it is tailored for Final year veterinary students. Some of these modules are complemented with placements within abattoirs. So practical experience in abattoirs is crucial in providing undergraduate veterinary students with the skills necessary to satisfy the Veterinary public health requirements, rotation is also done, normally.


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